1st topic building teams work informative essay 3 4 pages informative essay building teams w


The Informative Essay

3-4 pages on an Informative Essay on Building Teams That Work


Need it in separate work

2nd: At least 100 words for each question

·         Give three reasons that your topic is a problem, issue or concern.

·         What does your audience need to know about the topic that is not already common knowledge?

In your own words, describe the differences between a group, a team, and a high-performance team?

Summarize the five conditions that increase the probability of team effectiveness, and how are these different than causes?

Summarize in a few sentences what the advantages are to working on a team versus working alone.

Describe what emotional intelligence means for a team and how to develop it?

Briefly summarize the “team tasks” during each stage of team development?

What points does this article make that would be useful for your informative essay?

What have you learned about writing thesis statements that you may not have understood before?

In reviewing this chapter, share one thing you learned and one thing you’d like more information about.

·                     What challenges do you think you might face in writing an informative essay on this topic?



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