2 assingments did first project it goes second assignment 1 spreadsheet 1 excel sheet

In this project, you will complete a partially filled out expense report for a company’s sales force and then save it. To view these instructions while you work in Excel, you can print this page of instructions or move back and forth between this page and Excel by clicking each application’s button on the Windows taskbar.

  1. Click on the following link: Expense Report; save it on your computer in your usual work folder as “(your last name_your first name)_U4 Expense Report 1.xlsx,” and then open it in Excel. This partially completed workbook contains an incomplete expense report that needs formatting changes, boxes filled in with appropriate information, and formulas created for correct calculations.
  2. First, click on the small box that is to the left of column A and above row 1. This will highlight the entire spreadsheet.
  3. Next, position your cursor between columns A and B so that your cursor looks like a plus sign with arrows on the left and right. Double-click here to make the columns fit around the existing data. To finish, click anywhere in the worksheet once to remove the highlight from the entire page.
  4. Create a border around the data entry portion of this spreadsheet. This is done by selecting cells A8–M12. Put a border around the outside of this area only.
  5. Fill in all blank boxes with appropriate data within the A8–M12 data range. For text or date information, provide appropriate text or date entries. Reasonable numbers can be entered. For example, lunch should not cost $678; that is unreasonable.
  6. Format all of the dollar figure numbers as 2-decimal U.S. currency. Example: $45.00.
  7. In cell I4, type the words, “Allowance Per Mile.” In cell L4, type the number 0.40. Format this number as currency. Select cells I4–K4, and use the Merge and Center button to format this.
  8. In the Daily Totals column, calculate the cost for each day. To do this, type this formula: “=Sum(C8:H8,J8:M8)” (without the quotes). Copy this formula down to the other appropriate rows below.
  9. Next, calculate the totals for each category. In row 14, under the Brkfast column, add all of the numbers above it using a Sum formula, and then copy it across under each column.
  10. In cell J8, calculate the cost allowance per mile under the Mileage $ column for each date. You need to multiply the mileage by the mileage allowance. Be sure to use an absolute reference when referring to the mileage allowance because it is not in the table and only occurs once at the top of the sheet.
  11. Copy this formula down to each of the 4 columns directly below cell J8.
  12. Make all headings bold.
  13. Create a report title by typing the words “Expense Report” in cells E2. Select cells E2–J2, and use the Merge and Center button to center the title across the report. Change its font size to 14.
  14. Also, use the Merge and Center button to place the words “Transportation” above “Air” and “Ground” and “Meals” above “Brkfast,” Lunch,” and “Dinner.” Do not forget to format these words to match the other headings.
  15. Format the dates into the full month name, day, and year format.
  16. Finally, repeat steps 2 and 3 so that the spreadsheet has all of the data showing in it.
  17. Save your completed report as “(your last name_your first name)_U4 Expense Report 2.xlsx” (e.g., Doe_John_U4 Expense Report 2.xlsx).



n this assignment, use the information from the previous unit’s Individual Project to create an expanded worksheet with a summary area and a chart showing this summary area.

  1. Open your submitted Unit 4 IP assignment that should be labeled as “(your last name_your first name)_U4 Expense Report 2.xlsx,” and save it as “(your last name_your first name)_U5 Expense Report 3.xlsx” in your working folder on your computer.
  2. In this exercise, you are going to create a chart showing the expenses in the categories listed below. You first need to calculate the data in a summary section of your spreadsheet. The data in the summary section will be used to create the chart.
    • First, in cells O16–O21, enter the following labels (headers): “Summary,” “Travel,” “Meals,” “Entertain,” “Phone,” and “Other.” Do not include the quotes when entering the labels in your worksheet.
    • Cells P17–P21 will hold the data you will calculate to get the total expense for each category. For example, if you went on a business trip, you would need to enter the amount you spent on travel in one cell, the amount you spent on meals in another cell, and so on. Then, you would use the Sum function to get a total of your expenses for the trip. Put the totals for each category next to the labels you have created. These formulas go in cells P17–P21.
    • For Travel, include expenses for Ground, Air, Lodging, and Mileage $. Be sure to only include dollars in your formula. Enter the formula in cell P17.
    • For Meals, include expenses for Brkfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Enter the formula in cell P18.
    • Do the same for Entertain, Phone, and Other. If a category does not require the addition of one or more totals, do not use Sum or any other built-in functions. Use cell references for the data rather than entering the actual amount for each category.
  3. Finally, in cell P22, enter a function to show the total of cells P17–P21.
  4. After selecting the range O17–P21, create a pie chart to show the graphical representation of the expenses, using the figure below as a guide.
  5. Move the chart on its own chart sheet named “Pie Chart.” Include category names and percentages for data labels on your chart. Using the O17: P21 range will include your data labels and the data series to be charted.
  6. Add line callouts as shown in the figure. (Click the Insert menu and then the Shapes icon)
    • Travel consists of Air + Ground + Lodging + Mileage $.
    • Meals consist of Brkfast + Lunch + Dinner.
  7. Rename the sheet tab for the data spreadsheet as “Expense Report.”
  8. Save your final report as “(your last name_your first name)_U5 Expense Report 4.xlsx” (e.g., Doe_John_U5 Expense Report 4.xlsx).


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