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Moral regulation is a somewhat advanced concept, which I attempted to explain with various Toronto examples. Essentially moral regulation is the culture which a powerful social group brings to a place to shape that space to suit its own interests. We began with a powerpoint dealing with the meaning of moral regulation and then looked at how moral regulation developed within the Toronto Public Library in the 1880s-1890s and 1900s. The middle class took control over Toronto’s politics in the 1850s and gradually came to shape its public space and public attitudes toward the body and there was a further look at shade trees and moral regulation in Toronto.

When it comes to reading there are a couple of places to start:

Peter G. Goheen (2003) “The assertion of middle-class claims to public space in late Victorian Toronto” 
Journal of Historical Geography, 29, 1 (2003) pp. 73-92.

Richard Anderson (2005) “Gender, Class and Bodily Functions in the Urban Past: a Preliminary Historical Geography of Toronto’s Public Lavatories” unpublished mss

There is a fair amount of more recent material in the Journal of Historical Geography, much of it specialised and connected with the colonial city:

Stephen Legg, Michael Brown (2013) “Moral regulation: historical geography and scale” Journal of Historical Geography October 2013, Volume42 (Issue12) pp. 134-139.
Ted Rutland (2013) “‘Where the little life unfolds’: women’s citizenship, moral regulation and the production of scale in early twentieth-century Halifax, Nova Scotia”Journal of Historical Geography October 2013, Volume42 (Issue12) pp. 167-179.
Cecilia Chu (2013) “Shanzheng and Gongde: moral regulation and narratives of ‘good government’ in colonial Hong Kong” Journal of Historical Geography October 2013, Volume42 (Issue12) pp. 180-192.
Niall Cunningham (2013) “‘The doctrine of vicarious punishment’: space, religion and the Belfast Troubles of 1920–22″ Journal of Historical Geography April 2013, pp.52-66.” 

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