4 question anatomy physiology due saturday morning

four questions.

this is not a paper, its a short question and each question needs 50-150 words..please cite and reference.

no plagarism please



Question #1

In this question, answer the first one and then either the second or third

Autonomic reflexes help regulate blood pressure. For example, numerous sympathetic neurons transmit a low but relatively constant frequency of action potentials that stimulate blood vessels throughout the body, keeping them partially constricted. If the vessels constrict further, blood pressure increases; if they dilate, blood pressure decreases. Thus, altering the frequency of action potentials delivered to blood vessels along sympathetic neurons can either raise or lower blood pressure.  Important sensory receptors that monitor blood pressure are located in arteries in the chest above the heart and in arteries in the head.


1.  How do the sympathetic reflexes that control blood vessels respond when an individual changes position? How do the sympathetic reflexes that control blood vessels respond to maintain cerebral perfusion when an individual suddenly stands up after crouching for a short time?


 2.  Why is it important to have both parasympathetic and sympathetic divisions of the ANS even though they affect many of the same organs?


3.  What are some of the effects of an imbalance in the ANS?


 Question #2

Are there medications that can either stimulate or inhibit the branches of the autonomic nervous system? When would such preparations be appropriate?

Question #3

Select one of the special senses to discuss. How does that sense allow us to interact with and be aware of the environment around us? How is information transmitted from the special senses to the nervous system and then interpreted by the brain? Which special sense do you believe would be the most challenging to live without? Why?


Question #4

Does being color blind impair any other characteristic of vision like depth perception, for example? Your thoughts?

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