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Everything we find beautiful is not necessarily art nor is all art necessarily beautiful. True or False? Week 5

7.    What is Folk Art? Weeks 3, 4

8.   What is Design? Weeks 3, 4

9.   Name five examples from the design arts? Weeks 3, 4

10.   What’s included in Fine Art? Weeks 3, 5, 6

11.   What is ‘ representational’ imagery? Week s 4, 5

12.   What does ‘ abstraction’ mean in painting? Weeks 5

13.   What’s an illustration and what does an Illustrator do? Week 3

14.   What were icons originally and what do they look like? Week 5  

15.   What’s most important in Romanticism? Weeks 4, 5  

16.   What was Abstract Expressionism about? Week 7  

17.   What was a Happening and how did they start?   Week 7

18.   Who was your favorite artist among the first 40 on the website, www.Art21.org/ ? Week 1

19.   What kind of art, which you found out about from this course, looks interesting to you? Weeks – all

20.   Complete this saying: ‘_________ is in the Eye of the Beholder’. Week 5

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