A haiku is __________. (Points : 3) a rhyming poem with 14…

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A haiku is __________. (Points : 3) a rhyming poem with 14 lines that can either be written in English or Italian forms a poem with five lines that has a specific rhyme scheme and is often humorous a non-rhyming, 17-syllable poem generally divided into three lines and dealing with nature a type of poem that tells a story and often focuses on heroic characters from the past 2. The poem “The Pasture” by Robert Frost depicts nature as __________. (Points : 3) unrealistic comical brutal frail 3. Christina Rossetti’s choice to give speech to a robin, a rosebush, the moon, and the ocean in “A Wintry Sonnet” is a use of __________. (Points : 3) irony imagery symbolism personification 4. In “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud,” the speaker describes __________. (Points : 3) feeling melancholy when he sees the colors of the autumn leaves feeling great gladness when he sees a field of daffodils sowing many daffodils and watching them grow and bloom floating over the English countryside with the clouds 5. Which is the best statement of the theme of “To Everything There Is a Season”? (Points : 3) The wind blows where it will, and no one can predict it. Summer, fall, winter, and spring each have a special beauty. Pain and suffering are part of life, and one must accept them. A right time and place exist for each of life’s actions. 6. Which season does Emily Dickinson’s poem “The Morns Are Meeker Than They Were” describe? (Points : 3) spring summer autumn winter 7. Which line below uses alliteration? (Points : 3) “But each wild breast stiffened” “A wild, white welter of winnowing wings” “I wandered lonely as a cloud” “Dreaming of honeycombs to share” 8. The function of a short story’s exposition is to __________. (Points : 3) present the setting and characters carry the action to the turning point begin the action of the plot resolve the plot’s conflict 9. In a story, the point of highest action or the turning point is known as the ________ . (Points : 3) rising action falling action resolution climax 10. Dialogue that imitates the way real people talk is called __________. (Points : 3) allusion characterization plot dialect 11. Readers can more readily identify with a story’s narrator if the writer uses __________. (Points : 3) third-person omniscient point of view third-person limited point of view second-person point of view first-person point of view 12. When the setting of Christina Rossetti’s “A Wintry Sonnet” changes from winter to spring, the poem’s mood changes __________. (Points : 3) from joy to grief from despair to gladness from anxiety to calmness from activity to restfulness 13. In “Thank You, M’am,” the blue suede shoes represent __________. (Points : 3) Roger’s innocence Mrs. Jones’s youth what Roger wants but cannot have the lesson that Mrs. Jones teaches Roger 14. Which is not a lesson that Mrs. Jones tries to teach Roger during the encounter? (Points : 3) Do not disrespect others. Do not talk to strangers. Do take responsibility for your choices. Do take pride in yourself. 15. The narrator’s family life in “The Circuit” reveals the importance of __________. (Points : 3) traveling for fun having lots of money getting a good education working together toward a goal 16. At the beginning of “The Bracelet,” Ruri tells the reader that after her house has been packed up it feels like “a gift box after the nice thing inside was gone; just a lot of nothingness.” What does this image help convey to readers? (Points : 3) the climax of the plot the rising action of the plot the mood of the story the theme of the story 17. Which event marks the climax of “The Circuit”? (Points : 3) The narrator, his brother, and their father labor together in the field. The narrator rides the bus anxiously to school. The family cooperates together to load their belongings into the car. The narrator gets a chance to take trumpet lessons from his teacher. 18. Which of the following best explains the difference between fact and historical fiction in a story? (Points : 3) Historical fiction always includes details about the weather, whereas facts are usually about discoveries. Historical fiction includes details that add dramatic interest, whereas facts are provable. Historical fiction is always based on historical events, whereas facts do not relate to history. Historical fiction is always written about famous people, whereas facts are not about people. 19. Why does the author include the conversation between the two boys and Michael Faraday at the end of “Michael Faraday’s World”? (Points : 3) The conversation actually happened in real life. The conversation shows how Faraday valued asking questions. The conversation led to one of the boys growing up to invent the light bulb. The conversation demonstrated how wealthy Faraday had become. 20. The author of “Enrico Fermi: The ‘Italian Navigator’” says Fermi was like a ship captain. The author makes this comparison to help readers understand that Fermi __________. (Points : 3) recorded his progress while crossing treacherous territory was often “lost at sea” while working on experiments built a lab aboard a ship commanded a crew of unruly lab assistants 21. How were Enrico Fermi and Marie Curie similar? (Points : 3) They were both living in France when they conducted their work. They were both married to scientists, with whom they worked closely. They were both extremely dedicated to their work. They were both afraid of failure and the opinions of others. 22. The story says that Daniel Hale Williams “reassured the patient with his calm, dignified manner.” From this information, what can you conclude? (Points : 3) The patient was very anxious and nervous. Williams was very proud and annoyed. The rest of the staff was inefficient and foolish. Williams knew the man would not die. 23. Daniel Hale Williams established Provident Hospital because __________. (Points : 3) he had lost his job at another hospital he was eager to establish his reputation there he wanted to work in a place that offered medical care to all people he refused to work with African American patients 24. In “The Bracelet,” what does Ruri’s mother teach her? (Points : 3) Memories are far more lasting and important than simple trinkets or material possessions. One can never trust the government because it is inherently unfair. The only way to maintain one’s identity is to hold onto the things that remind us of home. A neglected garden is a shameful thing. 25. Which event occurs during the falling action of “The Circuit”? (Points : 3) The narrator meets his new teacher and has the chance to take music lessons. The narrator works in the fields with his family. The narrator anxiously boards the bus for school. The narrator rushes home with good news but learns that he must move again.

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