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Comm homework


Here are the guidelines for the Fallacy Journal. Please remember to explain, define and show the fallacy on each piece you use. Use different fallacies. Do not procrastinate



Fallacy Journal


Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate competence in 

the area of fallacy identification.

Grading: Five entries worth a total of 50 points. Ten points each.

Instructions: Each student will compile a journal as directed below:

1. The journal is a presentation of five fallacies from the print 

media. Study print media and identify five items that represent 

five different fallacies. The best sources are editorials, letters to 

the editor, and advertisements. You can also use business 


2. For each entry, cut out the article/advertisement and highlight 

the portion that contains the fallacy. Paste it to a sheet of paper, 

and type a paragraph explanation telling:

 Which fallacy it commits.

 Provide the definition of the fallacy.

 WHY you think it is that. The emphasis in this 

assignment is the persuasiveness of your “WHY” 

argument, rather than the precise identification of 

fallacies. So argue your position well!

 To sum it up, Name the fallacy, Define the fallacy, 

Explain how the fallacy occurs.



note; the imges are an  exampl for the final work how it should be

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