Analyzed the hospice industry's opportunities and threats based on the external factors.


Quality Assurance—SWOT Analysis

You are to develop a two- to three-page SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis for the quality assurance program of your hospice facility. You will present your analysis to senior management. There are several SWOT analysis examples on the Internet that you may access and use, including Excel spreadsheets.

1. Assess a hospice’s internal quality strengths and quality weaknesses.

2. Analyze the hospice industry for opportunities and threats.

Include the following external factors that impact the hospice facility:

· consumer and social

· competitive

· technological

· economic

· legal and regulatory

3. Make a recommendation to senior management based upon the results of the SWOT analysis.

Assignment 2 Grading Criteria Maximum Points
Assessed the hospice’s internal quality strengths and weaknesses. 30
Analyzed the hospice industry’s opportunities and threats based on the external factors. 30
Made a recommendation to senior management based on the results of the SWOT analysis. 25
Used correct grammar, spelling, and word choice, and cited all sources using correct APA style. 15

Title Page

Include course ID, full name, date, laboratory number, and title. Also include a brief abstract (≤ 150 words summarizing the lab objectives, importance, results, and conclusions).


Include background material pertaining to the laboratory technique and its importance and application to environmental microbiology. Clearly state the objective(s) of the laboratory.

Results and Discussion

This section should represent the bulk of your report. It should include a presentation of pertinent results, using figures and tables as appropriate, and a discussion of the meaning and relevance of the results. The discussion is your opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the laboratory technique, your results, and the application of the method in the field of environmental engineering.


The objective(s) of the laboratory should be reiterated and specific conclusions should be listed using bullet points.


The questions from the laboratory handout should be included in a numbered list. Complete, concise answers to the questions should be provided.


Include appropriate citations for all material referenced in the report.

* Note that there is no Materials and Methods section. There is no need to repeat the information provided in the laboratory handouts. Your understanding of the method should be illustrated through your results and discussion.

Each laboratory report is worth 100 points. The grade distribution will be as follows:

Quiz – 10

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