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  • For this Assignment you will identify your health science career goal.( Medical Technoligst) Describe the scope of your work and discuss your work environment.
  • Then describe how you could use the science of epidemiology in some way in your career.
  • Provide at least one specific application of epidemiology based on your career choice.


  • Appropriately incorporate epidemiology

  • Identify and describe at least one specific example

  • Provide at least one paragraph for each section

  • The page length should be at least two full pages, not including the title page or references

  • This paper must follow APA formatting and citation guidelines, including:

    • Title page and reference page

    • Essay should be double spaced

    • Font size 10 or 12

  • All references should come from credible sources
  • Includes a highly developed viewpoint
  • Organize your paper with subheadings
  • Free of grammar and spelling errors
  • No evidence of plagiarism
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