Apa style Macroeconomics paper

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Macroeconomics Assignment

10 Principles of Economics


Using the 10 Principles of Economics below, you must research and find an article (2 to 3 pages in length) on a current macroeconomic issue that will impact your current or future career and the macro economy. The article must be from a credible economic or business journal, magazine or newspaper which contains at least one of the principles.


1. People Face Tradeoffs

2. The Cost of Something is What you Give Up to Get It

3. Rational People Think at the Margin

4. People Respond to Incentives

5. Trade Can Make Everyone Better Off

6. Markets Are Usually a Good Way to Organize Economic Activity

7. Governments Can Sometimes Improve Market Outcomes

8. A Country’s Standard of Living Depends on its Ability to Produce Goods and Services

9. Prices Rise When the Government Prints Too Much Money

10. Society Faces a Short-Run Tradeoff between Inflation and Unemployment


Potential business resources:

  • The Wall Street Journal
  • Business Week
  • Newsweek
  • Forbes
  • Fortune
  • The Economist
  • Etc.


Instructions: (APA STYLE)

You must identify one or more of the 10 economic principles in your selected article.

Summarize (500 words) the article in your own words using information from the article and your own knowledge about the topic. Organize your paper based on the outline below:


Cover page should include the following items:

• A running head

• Title of paper

• Student’s name

• College name

• Course name

• Professor’s name

• Date

2) ABSTRACT (page #2)

• Keep it brief and be concise

3) BODY HEADINGS (use this outline format)


Identify and state the problem/issue in one or two clear and succinct sentences. Make sure that your audience knows what you’re going to talk about!


Describe how the issue will impact some area of the macro economy and on you or your selected professional career.



What solutions are mentioned in the article? You should incorporate your principles in this section. I want to see more than a list. You should explain how your selected principle(s) applies by supporting it with information from the article.


Do you agree with the article and what do you recommend?



Prepare a power point presentation of your summary. You should use as many picture as possible to describe the principle (s), in this presentation. It should be creative arts, but keeping economics throughout the entire theme. It should be funny, but tells the story!






10 Principles of Economics Assignment

Grading Rubric









Exceptionally developed and discussed the issue/problems as stated in the article






Exceptionally explain the impact on the economy and on their personal career





Exceptionally identify and elaborate on the solutions expressed in the article





Exceptionally suggest or recommend possible solutions to fix the issue/problem




Exceptionally written summary with content, organization, style/mechanics and format









No longer than 6 slides

Slide are uniform and consistent

Content is easy for the audience to read and identify

slides are easy to read, not too busy, dark, etc.


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