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I need a paper written about John Holland’s Typology theory, moreover how it reflects my career choice. 


I will divide the instructions into two parts

  • The first part is WHAT THE PROFESSOR ASKS OF.
  • The second part is WHAT I AM ASKING YOU TO WRITE ABOUT.

Please read the instructions carefully before contacting me in order to write the paper.



1.     Career Theory Paper – Each student is required to complete a career theory paper.  The paper MUST be submitted in Word so that I can use the “track changes” feature to grade and give you feedback.  PDFs will not be accepted.  The paper should be 5-7 pages (not counting the title page, abstract, and reference page), double-spaced, 12-point font.  Page lengths are approximate, and you will not be penalized for going over or being slightly under as long as you meet the requirements of the assignment.  The paper should follow APA style.  You should have a cover page, abstract, and reference page, and cite all sources according to APA style.  You do not need to use references other than Zunker (2012), but if you do, make sure you cite them in text and list them on your reference list.  You may write in the first person.  You should post your paper online, and be aware that your classmates will be reading your papers.  All papers will be shared with the entire class, but grading and editing feedback will remain confidential.


You should apply one career theory [USE JOHN HOLLAND’s] [Note: John Holland’s Hexagon reflects to an individual’s personal trait when choosing a career. You will have to input the trait of: Social and Artistic- Refer to page 22 in ppt) that you believe best fits your personal career development.  Note that in order to find the theory that most resonates with you, you will likely need to read ahead to familiarize yourself with all theories.[REFEER TO PPT]  Describe how the theory applies to your own career development.  You should emphasize the application of the theory to you; do not simply write out the principles of the theory without applying them to yourself. Also, regardless of the theory you choose, you should address cultural influences on your career development.  The purpose of this assignment is for you to have a good understanding of some of the career theories, and to begin thinking about how the career development process works with yourself and others.


Hints for writing the theory paper:  State which theory you are using [JOHN HOLLAND]; describe the theory or a piece of it, and then talk about how it played out or applied in your life.[YOU MAY MAKE UP ANY EXPERIENCES HERE].  So structurally, for a developmental model it might look something like this: 


According to X theory, we go through the following stages….Stage X is when ….  In my own career, I went through Stage X when ….  Then Stage Y is when ….  In my career when I went through Stage Y, this was going on….


For Holland’s model, it might look something like this: [USE THIS TEMPLATE]


According to Holland’s model, ……  I believe my Holland code is …  I think I am this code because….or Here are some examples of why I think I fit this code….Due to these interests and personality characteristics, I believe I would be satisfied in these careers….  Holland also believed….And here is how that part applies to me….


Of course your papers will need to be much more detailed, but I hope the above comments give you some guidance on how to apply a theory to yourself if you have not already written any papers like this.



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