assigment 7 cis 111

Week 8 assignment:


Your supervisors and customers are very impressed with the database you have put together. However, there is still that questioning executive who wants validation the database is useful; after all, he is saying that we have put a lot of data in, but does not see information out. To this end, you will be designing reports / queries that will be of use to the restaurant executives and other managers of the company. (Yes this is on restaurant as we have been doing since assignment 2)


Write a two to three (2-3) page paper in which you:


1. Describe a minimum of three (3) heuristics to optimize queries. (research what heuristics or rule based  is and how related to optimization of queries and discuss 3) this is the only portion of this assignment where you would have resources/references for

2. Provide the SQL code (and screen shots) based on the following criteria:


a. You must deliver five (5) queries in total for this assignment.

b. One (1) of your five (5) queries must select from three (3) different tables. (Do not let the word heuristics and if you do not fully understand from doing this portion, focus on 1 useful query that  has fields from 3 of your tables and do a screenshot of both the code that created it and the  result which is hopefully successful) So if you have not created 3 tables in the database we have been creating then you have more work to do before you can do the queries….

remember there is partial credit so  if you cannot query from 3 tables then give me any query so I can give you something…

c. Four (4) of your queries must select from two (2) tables. (Make 4 queries that have fields from 2 tables and provide screenshot that shows both the creation of the queries and results)

d. Include comments on how you are using the optimization rules you described and discussed earlier. (If you did not use then at least discuss how you might use them)


3. Use at least three (3) quality resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar Websites do not qualify as quality resources.  It can be less than 3 as it is only item 1 I am expecting references for

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