assignment 2142112 2

1. assignment  For this activity, locate three different mission statements on the Internet. Analyze and compare the three mission statements using Campbell’s ten questions. Which one is best? Why? Be sure your response includes (1) a copy of each mission statement, (2) your detailed rating for each statement using Campbell’s ten questions, and (3) your rationale for selecting the best statement.  

2. Select a company for the strategic audit exercise, and write a brief paragraph describing why you have selected that particular company. The final strategic audit is due in Module 8. When selecting a company to analyze, be sure that there is sufficient information available (do this early, during Week 1). Also, if you pick a company with a relatively narrow focus, it is easier to determine what business they are in, and who their competitors are.

 Five assignments during the course will draw on different parts of the audit. In other words, you will be doing the total audit in pieces, rather than waiting to do everything at the end of the course. This should make the entire process much easier.  The final strategic audit is due in Module 8.

3. Outsourcing, one of the results of globalization, is an emotional issue for many people these days. What do you think about the recent trends in outsourcing. Why?

4. Analyze the Board of Directors for your selected company using the questions from the Corporate Governance section (Part A) of the Guidelines for the Strategic Audit Report. You can save a lot of time and writing by placing data on directors in a table.

 5. Two movies – Wall Street (1987) and Other People’s Money (1991) – have given us a glimpse of how things are changing in the corporate world as it relates to corporate social responsibility. Each of these movies is well worth watching. However, the essence of each movie is provided in the text of three speeches. You can read the text of all three speeches and view a video clip of each speech on the following links:


What do you think about the ethics of Gordon Gekko (Wall Street), Lawrence Garfield (Other People’s Money), and Andrew Jorgenson (Other People’s Money)?

  • How would you describe each man’s probable view on corporate social responsibility?
  • Compare and contrast their speeches to the shareholders. 
  • What do these two films say about the Board of Directors?
  • What can we learn about business (strategic) management from these two films?
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