Assignment: Pharmacotherapy for Gastrointestinal and Hepatobiliary Disorders

PLEASE FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS AS INDICATED BELOW:1). ZERO (0) PLAGIARISM2). ATLEAST 5 REFERENCES, NO MORE THAN 5 YEARS3).  PLEASE SEE THE ATTACHMENT RUBRIC DETAILS AND FOLLOW IT.4). Please carefully read the assignment very well, and review the grading rubric and focus on the “Excellent” column, and please include each component in the assignment as required. Also, please follow APA writing rules and style.5). Please Include the Title page, Introduction, purpose statement, Literature Review, conclusion, and reference page.Thank you very much.Gastrointestinal (GI) and hepatobiliary disorders affect the structure and function of the GI tract. Many of these disorders often have similar symptoms, such as abdominal pain, cramping, constipation, nausea, bloating, and fatigue. Since multiple disorders can be tied to the same symptoms, it is important for advanced practice nurses to carefully evaluate patients and prescribe a treatment that targets the cause rather than the symptom.Once the underlying cause is identified, an appropriate drug therapy plan can be recommended based on medical history and individual patient factors. In this Assignment, you examine a case study of a patient who presents with symptoms of a possible GI/hepatobiliary disorder, and you design an appropriate drug therapy plan.To PrepareReview the case study assigned:Reflect on the patient’s symptoms, medical history, and drugs currently prescribed.Think about a possible diagnosis for the patient. Consider whether the patient has a disorder related to the gastrointestinal and hepatobiliary system or whether the symptoms are the result of a disorder from another system or other factors, such as pregnancy, drugs, or a psychological disorder.Consider an appropriate drug therapy plan based on the patient’s history, diagnosis, and drugs currently prescribed.Write a 1-page paper that addresses the following:Write a paper that addresses the following:Explainyour diagnosis for the patient, including your rationale for the diagnosis.Describean appropriatedrug therapy planbased on the patient’s history, diagnosis, and drugs currently prescribed.Justifywhy you would recommend this drug therapy plan for this patient.Be specific and provide examples.CASE STUDY:Patient HL comes into the clinic with the following symptoms: nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. The patient has a history of drug abuse and possible Hepatitis C.  HL is currently taking the following prescription drugs:Synthroid 100 mcg dailyNifedipine 30 mg dailyPrednisone 10 mg dailyWork with the information provided.A revised drug therapy LIST is required at the end of the paper.(PLEASE MAKE SURE A REVISED DRUG THERAPY LIST IS INCLUDED WHICH IS REQUIRED IN THE ASSIGNMENT. REMEMBER “PREGNANCY, DRUGS, OR A PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDER” ARE INVOLVE, THEREFORE, THERE MUST A REVISED DRUG THERAPY LIST).

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