Bombing on Germany?

using information from the documentary

Bombing Germany

and Lyons textbook (for example, chapter 20), select one (1) of following questions and write a 200 word essay response.

1) Describe some of the dangers faced by American air crews in combat over Axis countries and how these dangers might have limited the effectiveness of American bombing.

2) Describe some of the effects of air bombardment upon civilians and what impact air bombardment had on the Nazi government’s willingness to continue the war.

3) To what extent was the bombing of cities such as Hamburg and Berlin (along with the Atomic bomb dropped on two Japanese cities) a logical outcome of air warfare in World War II?

4) To what extent did the US rely too heavily upon air power to win World War II?

5) To what extent was the bombing of cities problematic from a moral and strategic viewpoint?

Do not quote from any source. Use your own words.

Your answer should provide specific examples from the documentary.

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