bus107 discussions

150 words for each question 


question 1


Online Security
Please respond to the following:

  • Give your opinion on what type of online threat would be most detrimental to an e-Commerce Website of your choice.  Be sure to be specific as to what kind of website or business you are referring to and how the threat would impact both the business and those who might visit or do business with that site. 


  • Using your answer to the previous discussion, explain which online security method would be the most efficient in preventing the online threat you identified.  Again, be specific as to what this company or site operator could or should do to protect themselves and their customers when the site is accessed.  Be specific as to the type of software or other methods they should use in providing this protection.  Specifiy what the security method is, what it is intended to do, and why they should go this route.

Question 2


Online Payment Systems
Please respond to the following:

  • A lot of customers use payment cards when purchasing items online. Identify the advantages and disadvantages for both the company and the customer in using payment cards for purchases.  In answering this question, be sure to specify what kind of payment card you are referring to, ie credit, debit, in store charge card and so on.


  • Due to phishing attacks online, identity theft is prevalent. Describe actions both a company and an individual customer can take in order to decrease the chances of falling victim to identity theft.  In answering, be sure to discuss what phishing is, give an example, and specific things the company and consumer can do to prevent falling prey to a phishing attack.  This kind of attack is quite common, so we want to be as thorough as we can in order to help each other from having this happen to us.
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