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APA format. 12pt. Double space. 13 pages for paper( not including work cited page).   Finally write 1 page summary about this paper.



For this paper, write as a researcher employed by Fox Marketing Consulting.  Several clients (Shake Shack, Amazon, Philadelphia Opera Company, Ride-the-ducks, FiveBelow, or AMC Movie Theater –  CHOOSE ONLY ONE) have asked for an in-depth literature review, involving an analysis, synthesis and evaluation of past academic research on consumer behavior in a particular area. 

*I have to choose Ride-the-ducks


The client is interested in several consumer behavior areas (Motives, Personality, Self-concept, Attitudes, Loyalty, ELM, Consumer choice – CHOOSE ONLY ONE).

*I have to choose Motives in there





In the final draft, develop tables and figures as appropriate. The body of the paper should be 8 to 10 pages, plus a list of references in APA format.  Use the following headings:


Introduction.  Introduce the consumer behavior issue, question or concern, explain why it is of interest to business today.  Indicate how this issue is especially relevant to the client.  Include a transition paragraph to the rest of the paper. 


Past Research.  Identify 4 main themes or issues from past academic research on consumer behavior in this area.  For each topic, summarize the findings of several relevant academic studies. When available, refer also to the findings of practitioner research in this area, including research described in business or popular press. Identify areas of agreement across studies, and where the studies are not in agreement.  Indicate what consumer behavior theory or concepts have been used to explain this aspect of consumer behavior.  If possible, identify possible areas where theories are concepts may seem to be in conflict.  


Conclusion.  Evaluate and present a point of view on the past research in this area.  Are there additional aspects that merit further research?  What are the implications of this research for the client?  For each of the  4 main issues discussed in the paper, develop a managerial “take-away” for the client.




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