can you write these four art history questions i uploaded picture questions

Can you write these four art history questions? I uploaded a picture for this question


I uploaded a picture, see the picture file and focus on only this pic that is the topic of this art.


The words should be 50-100 words each section. No plagiarism!!






EXEKIAS, Achilles and Ajax playing a dice game (detail from an Athenian black-figure amphora), from Vulci, Italy, ca. 540–530 BCE




1. Description  describe what you see- imagine that the person you are describing it to is not there or is blind.  How will you make the work of art visible through verbal description?






2. Summary this text – summarize this textwhat you think are the most important pieces of information that you gleaned from the textbook- read the book closely and put it in your own words.




-summary this. ->EXEKIAS The acknowledged master of the black-figure technique was an Athenian named Exekias, whose vases were not only widely exported but copied as well. Perhaps his greatest work is an amphora (FIG. 5-21), found in an Etruscan tomb at Vulci, that Exekias signed as both painter and potter. Unlike Kleitias, Exekias did not divide the surface of the vase into a series of horizontal bands. Instead, he placed figures of monumental stature in a single large framed panel. At the left is Achilles, fully armed. He plays a dice game with his comrade Ajax. From the lips of Achilles comes the word tesara (four). Ajax calls out tria (three). Although Ajax has taken off his helmet, both men hold their spears, and their shields are close at hand. Each man is ready for action at a moment’s notice. This depiction of “the calm before the storm” is the antithesis of the Archaic preference for dramatic action. The gravity and tension that will characterize much Classical Greek art of the next century, but that are absent in Archaic art, already may be seen in this vase. Exekias had no equal as a black-figure painter. This is evident in such details as the extraordinarily intricate engraving of the patterns on the heroes’ cloaks (highlighted with delicate touches of white) and in the brilliant composition. The arch formed by the backs of the two warriors echoes the shape of the rounded shoulders of the amphora. The shape of the vessel (compare FIG. 5-22) is echoed again in the void between the heads and spears of Achilles and Ajax. Exekias also used the spears to lead the viewer’s eyes toward the thrown dice, where the heroes’ eyes are fixed. Of course, those eyes do not really look down at the table but stare out from the profile heads in the old manner. For all his brilliance, Exekias was still wedded to many of the old conventions. True innovation in figure drawing would have to await the invention of a new ceramic painting technique of greater versatility than black-figure, with its dark silhouettes and incised details.




3. Research– go online and find additional information about the image and provide the links for that information for your peers. Make sure to summarize and do not simply cut and paste or give us just the URLs.




4. Contemporary Culture– relate the theme to something that you find in our current visual vernacular on popular culture-  Why is this image relevant today?


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