(CASE STUDY) Caught in The Act: Visiting Illicit Websites While on The Job

Review the case study (File below) the document and respond appropriately. You should include the following:

  1. Stephanie interpreted Devin’s question “what do you want us to do?” to mean that it was her decision to make. As Jeremy’s supervisor, was it, or should it have been Stephanie’s decision to make and support your position? Who generally has the authority to decide what disciplinary action to take? Please justify your decision.
  2. Devin indicated that he believed that Stephanie’s decision might be influenced by the high turnover she had experienced in LMS over the last two years. What factors other than worker performance histories and worker disciplinary records can impact a manager’s decision whether to discharge an employee? Please explain how and why these influences can impact a disciplinary decision.
  3. Analyze the fact of the case and decide what disciplinary action you think Stephanie should take regarding Jeremy. Please defend you position.
  4. In view the information provided in the case and DMD’s policies and procedures provided in Appendix A, if Stephanie was to discharge Jeremy, would he have any recourse?
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