chemistry essay 1 page single spaced

Instructions for the Experiment  

Part I

For Part I of this project, you will need to purchase a package of litmus paper.  You may find this at shops specializing in school supplies, gardening or health foods.  The cost should be minimal.  If you are really adventurous – and the season is right – you can make your own litmus paper by crushing blackberries until they are liquid, pouring the liquid onto construction paper and allowing it to dry.

1.      Use your litmus paper, which turns red in acidic solution and blue in basic solution, to determine the acidity of at least 3 various foods, liquids and moist surfaces around your home. 

2.      Test the pH of your tap water. 

3.      Obtain soil from a nearby garden or lawn, shake it with a small amount of water, let it settle and then test the acidity of the water above the solids. 

4.      Make notes regarding each of your findings.

Part II

1.      Dissolve some baking soda in a large glass of warm water.

2.      Add a couple drops of liquid dish soap and stir. 

3.      Pour vinegar into this solution. 

4.      Make notes describing the chemical reaction involved.


Instructions for the Answer (This is the only item you will submit to the grader.)

Write a one-page paper reporting your findings for Part I and Part II of this assignment.  Include descriptions of the reactions that occurred with each experiment you conducted. This paper will be worth 12.5% of your grade for this course.  Your assignment will be graded on the following:


4  Correct grammar and spelling are demonstrated throughout your essay.  (10%)

4  Directions were completely and correctly followed throughout the project.  (10%)

4  Content:

·         you have covered all of the points listed above;

·         you demonstrate that you understand the process.  (Part I 60%, Part II 20%)

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