child care facility analysis


 Take a video tour of Little Angels Learning Academy in Missouri.  As you watch the video, analyze various aspects of the facility and how it is designed, organized, used, and maintained.  Support your analysis by referencing the philosophy, vision, and mission statement that you created in Week One.  Facility aspects include:  safety, welcoming environment, indoor space, outdoor space, health and well-being, philosophy of learning, staff, developmentally appropriate practice, parent communication, etc.



 In your post, assess one aspect that you feel is commendable with support from Chapter 5 of the textbook.  Then, evaluate one aspect that you feel could be improved with support from the text (these may include aspects of the facility that were not addressed in the video).  Lastly, offer specific ideas for improving these aspects.  Your discussion post should be at least 200 words in length.






Philosophy- We acknowledges the parents as the primary educator of their child. It is our intention to partner them in ways that will enable children to grow at his/her individual rate. Our philosophy is to develop an understanding of the knowledge and skills obtained within the school curriculum. We also strive to exemplify throughout teaching and programming.


Vision- We strive to meet the needs of our diverse community by being a center that is determined to be an early childhood community that enables readiness in young minds; that also build partnerships throughout the community.


Mission- Our mission is to offer a world of discovery and adventure for our children. We are determined to maintain a positive and well-rounded environment for our community. We hope to encourage young minds to develop new ideas through hands on experience. Our mission is to promote each child’s unique abilities.




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