child sex offenders

Direction: Please respond to this post with one reference. 200 word


I know very well just how I would  and do feel about anyone who has committed the crimes this client is  accused of.  There is nothing more horrible and reprehensible than an  adult becoming sexually active with a child.  Just too think of the  horrible effects that the victimization has on a minor is enough to make  you sick to your stomach.  That being said ,I must also consider that  even child sex offenders need therapeutic help if there is to ever be a  reduction in such terrible crimes.  My first, and, main concern must  focus on helping the client discontinue this behavior (Priest, 1992).  I  need to examine my own willingness (or lack thereof) to treat such a  client, I must be ever cognizant that my personal biases and beliefs  could very well have a negative impact on the treatment, and I must also  truly believe that counseling is the right response to the clients  problem, and make sure that first the client is no longer has access to  the minor (Priest, 1992).

Sexual violence of any kindis an extreme form of inauthentic  sexuality.  Sexual force against the will or without the understanding  of another person is a problem difficult to comprehend (Balswick,  2008).  A variety of treatment programs are offered to offenders, but  their effectiveness is inconclusive.  Individual and group therapy,  cognitive and behavioral modification approaches are used to help  offenders practice impulse controland reformulate patterns of sexual  desire (Balswick, 2008).  Success is defined as the ability to control  one’s behavior by not acting out inappropriate sexual impulses when they  occur (Balswick, 2008).



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