cis126 programming i 1

Unit 3 Discussion

Modules in C are called functions.  C programs are typically written by combining user-created functions as well as “pre-packaged” functions found in the C Standard Library.  For instance, printf() is a function that is found in the C Standard Library and is accessed through the stdio.h header file. 

In this Unit, we are going to focus on creating our own functions. Create your own function and upload it to the forum area for discussion.  Make sure that you include the correct syntax (function prototype, function call, and function definition).  You can create a function that can do any kind of task.  For instance, the function may display a message to the screen or compute a value.  Let’s look at an example:

#include <stdio.h>

void PrintMessage(void);         //function prototype

int main (void)

     PrintMessage();      //function call
     return 0;


void PrintMessage(void)        //function definition

     printf(“Create your own function”):

This program will call the function PrintMessage in main() and display the text Create your own function to the output screen.

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