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In the digital age, new channels of communication have developed that simply did not exist a few decades ago. Cell phones, e-mail, text messaging, Facebook, Twitter . . . who knows what might develop next. However, not every channel of communication is right for different types of messages or communication needs. Given that employees are essentially accessible 24/7, organizations should create some best practices for using this variety of digital communication for business. Research tips and advice on how to best use these channels of electronic communication. Create your own best practice recommendations for the following situations:

  • You have carefully drafted a message to inform employees of a change to the attendance tracking system, which is only a technical change but may be misunderstood. A virus threat shuts down internal e-mail just before your message is ready. You now have a choice of communicating with employees through Facebook or postponing the communication. Which will you choose and why?
  • Two employees of your organization took their work-related disagreements to Twitter, and disciplinary action has been taken against both according to company policy. However, their public quarrel was seen by employees and customers. Should the company respond at all, and if yes, through which channel of digital communication should it respond? Explain.

Cite at least five sources that provide tips and advice on how to best use channels of electronic communication.

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