computer crime 2542187 2

i Just need 8 pages 


topic is computer crime 


please follow the rubric to complete the assignment 


RUBRIC for the assignment: 


it is presentation and we will tern in the papers to the instructor it is about Computer Crimes;

Papers will be graded on:


Appropriateness of the paper’s topic

Title Page (1 page)

Outline/Table of Contents (1 page or more)

Introduction (1-2 pages)

Week 4 Introduction completed on time

Discoveries, Data Found – Appropriateness and complexity of the project

Content clarity: Introductory sentence in each paragraph, clear explanations

Grammar and spelling>

The student’s ability to work independently and as a group

Week 6 Development of research project completed on time (4-6 pages)

Summary of Data/Conclusions (1-2 pages)

Quality of the final product – Paper followed guidelines (8 or more pages total)

References (citations throughout paper in MLA format

Works Cited Page at the end also not all the work cited from the internet so it should be internet and  articles

Week 8 completed on time


please make sure you put 4 main points in the body also its a presentation and four people will be doing this presentation

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