conducting ethical research and evaluation 1100 pm new york time

Conducting Ethical Research and Evaluation

Tonight Wednesday 11:00 pm New York Time

1-2 Page APA Format Three References from Provided Resources and link

Review the Milgram and Tuskegee cases presented in the Johnson text and Cave and Holm article (ThePdf is included here in an upload). Select one of these research studies, and consider the ethical violations that occurred in that study. Description of the ethical violations you observed in either the Tuskegee or Milgram research study.  Paper must be developed to include Citations from The provided link(s) & Pdf(s) Resources.


( Resource Pdfs & Links Included & Must be  Properly quoted in Paper )

·         Cave, E., & Holm, S. (2003). Milgram and Tuskegee: Paradigm research projects in bioethics. Health Care Analysis, 11(1), 27–40.

Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.


·         American Society for Public Administration (ASPA). (Revised 2013). ASPA code of ethics. Retrieved from


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