Defend or critique the primary alternative sources of healthcare funding in the United States.


Financing Healthcare and Public Health Insurance”  Please respond to the following:

  • Defend or critique the primary alternative sources of healthcare funding in the United States. Analyze the main effect on the resource owner of one (1) of the following means of financing healthcare: insurance premiums, tax subsidies, and mandated benefits. Provide at least one (1) example which illustrates the selected effect to support your response.
  • Analyze the key types of policies required for the delivery of a public health insurance program, and hypothesize their main effects on the achieveNo plagiarism please.

    Will need minimum of 150 words for each response, APA Style, double spaced, times new roman, font 12, and and Include: (1 reference for each response within years 2015-2018) with intext citations.

    Discuss the most common screening test and diagnostics used throughout pregnancy and the purpose of the tests. When during pregnancy are tests performed and what is the protocol when an abnormal test or diagnostic is found?

    ment of social goals overall. Provide at least one (1) example of such effects to support your response.Depending on the situation if an abnormal screening test comes the patient should be aware of and counsel the risk of having the baby and the percentage of survival of the fetus. It will be up to the parents of the unborn child to decide whether they should continue with the pregnancy. I have seen a patient who was advised to end the pregnancy because of the high risk of the death of the mother. depending on

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