Describe each of the Freudian defense mechanisms and for each provide an example

  1. Describe each of the Freudian defense mechanisms and for each provide an example (not a definition but an actual life example) of a situation that would activate that defense mechanism. For example, after describing the defense mechanism of projection, give an example of a situation where projection would occur.
  2. Please describe Freud’s three mental structures (Id, ego, superego). Give a possible real life example or scenario describing how each of the three processes would respond in your given scenario (a real life example not a definition)

    Draft Chapter 4: Expected Results

    For this discussion, post your draft of Chapter 4: Expected Results.

    At the top of your post, include your research question. If your research question is quantitative, include your hypothesis or hypotheses.

    For qualitative studies, describe themes that might emerge from the distillation of concepts offered by narratives or observations of human experience. Draw on the research conducted in your Unit 4 literature review.

    For quantitative studies, describe the potential interpretation of your hypothesis or hypotheses. Draw on the research from your Unit 4 literature review.

    When posting, please copy and paste the draft to the message box in addition to attaching an MS Word document.

    For both quantitative and qualitative studies, address possible interpretations of data and outcomes that were unlikely or unexpected. After all, in research we are investigating possibilities and do not know what we will find!

    Note: In some cases, it is appropriate to refer to personal experience and knowledge as a source for anticipated and potential findings. It is important to take care when using subjective experience to describe potential findings; these expectations must be written with close attention to what has been documented in the literature. That said, it is permissible to note when your experience contrasts with the documented knowledge or motivates curiosity about possible scientific and alternative outcomes.

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