Describe the 4 neurotransmitters that travel specific paths through parts of the brain.

Complete the information requested about Neurons, Hormones and the Brain, by researching the answers to the following quieries:

  • Summarize the 2 major parts of the nervous system;
  • Define 3 of the 5 systems that comprise the peripheral nervous system and provide one example each for the systems selected (use your own examples not from the text book);
  • Describe the 2 ways in which neurons communicate;
  • Summarize 4 of the major parts of the brain and corresponding major functions; and
  • Describe the 4 neurotransmitters that travel specific paths through parts of the brain.This exercise is designed to provide the student with basic knowledge about their personality type.

    Below are links to free personality inventories.


    Review the following 2  videos on Personality Inventories as an additional resource.  One is an actual inventory.

    watch VideoPersonality Test: What Do You See?Duration: (6:38)
    User: n/a –    Added: 10/16/14YouTube URL: Personality Inventory Ever — The Essential EnneagramDuration: (2:44)
    User: n/a –    Added: 11/1/13YouTube URL:

    Follow the instructions indicated below for completing the assignment:

    • Choose and complete ONLY one Personality Inventory on yourself;
    • Write a complete summary of your findings based on the categories indicated in the inventory and ATTACH it to this Assignment box.
    • Indicate whether you agreed or disagreed with the findings and state why.
    • State if any of the personality traits discussed in the article correspond to your inventory analysis.
    • Post your summary on the graded Discussion Board to share your findings and respond to at least 3 other virtual classmates.
    • The Discussion Board has a different closing date. This means that students are to post their personality inventory following their submission to this assignment box.
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