Describe the societal  situation and the problem that the doctoral candidate will address by  conducting the project.


This is an ongoing Research Assignment: Please use the attachments to complete assignments:

Assignment 24:

Following the Prospectus description in the Doctoral Project Manual, use the  criteria and information from previous activities to draft your  Prospectus. Use your Research Question(s) as your focus for the  discussion. Complete a Prospectus,  providing sufficient information about your topic of interest,  providing information on how the students plans to do the research, and  explaining the value of this work. The document is 4-7 pages.
The  Prospectus will contain the following parts:  Introduction, Background  of the Problem, Statement of the Problem, and Purpose of the Study (with  Research Questions).
Introduction  (no heading): The introduction puts the study in perspective for the  reader. The introduction also acquaints the reader with the topic and  the methodology used to study the problem. Introduce key areas of the  study which support the aim of the study. Finish with the aim of the  study.
Background of the Problem:  Articulates why the topic is being studied. Why is the problem of  pressing societal concern or theoretical interest? Describe the societal  situation and the problem that the doctoral candidate will address by  conducting the project. Information to be included is relevant  historical and statistical information. Establish the disparities,  discrepancies, issues, or challenges relevant to the key areas of your  study. The background of the problem illustrates why the topic is  appropriate, worthwhile, and feasible.
Statement of the Problem:  The statement of the problem situates the key areas of the study in the  existing literature. Above you would have detailed major issues or  concerns, here using the current literature establish the focus of your  study. Establish a benchmark or the parameters of the study using what  is known and unknown from the literature. This discussion will mirror  your Chapter 2. Purpose of the Study: Articulate the  purpose (how you are going to approach the research problem) and state  the research questions. The questions for research should be  comprehensive and reflect the major areas of the study and relevant to  the selected phenomenon.  Follow with the Theory you will use to guide the inquiry.
Submit paper of your discussion using points of emphasis above. 4 to 7 pages.

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