Different Psychological Illnesses and the prisoner experiment.



The three best take aways that i have gotten from this class would be the Learning Lesson, Different Psychological Illnesses and the prisoner experiment.  All three of these gave me a new insight on how psychology operates and what all goes into the process of psychology as well.  I had always known there was different ways of learning but i was going completely in the wrong direction there is much more into the learning process than i had previously thought.  The different type of Psychological Illnesses is one that really got me because it opened my eyes to a more broad range of issues because one issue could steam and eventually cause a problem with a different form of problems as well.  Also the way your body or yourself tries to cope with those issues could be causing secondary side effects for your issues as well.  And the Prisoners experiment was extremely interesting to learn more about i had previously heard about this experiment once but not as much detail as this class gave me.

Definitely the three most meaningful experiences are always the forums you are able to interact with the other students and share ideas and bounce what you interpreted what the lesson was and gain different perspectives as well.  My favorite was the Prisoners experiment to see what other people thought about it and if it was all ethical in its entirety.  Also i liked the lessons they were easy to navigate and all up to you on how fast or slow you wanted to go thru it, also it gave you the resources if you didn’t get it right away so you could dig deeper into the lesson to gain more knowledge.

If I could pick just one thing that the world would be well served to better understand about psychology it would be the different psychological illnesses that are out there and what they actually do to the person not just what  television or movies portray it as. I chose this because there is often a misconception towards OCD and ADHD as well people throw it around acting like they have it or their kids have it without seating professional help first.  This makes people who are actually living with these illnesses almost harder to live with it because it almost dilutes the issues and makes it seem not so bad.

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