Discuss how you would counsel the faithful partner in terms of the affair and the couple's on-going sexual relationship. 


Discuss the components of pharmacology addressed in this module/week’s readings (Doweiko, 2015). Discuss in detail the different classes of drugs, routes of absorption, and how such affects the high. How does what you’ve learned help you to have greater understanding/compassion for those who struggle? Consider these thoughts in light of your faith and Scripture.OPTION 2: Discuss what is different, if anything at all about the impact of affairs on a husband verse the impact of affairs on a wife. Discuss how you would counsel the faithful partner in terms of the affair and the couple’s on-going sexual relationship.

Response to the two statements separately with a minimum of 100 words each. Respond to each statement with whether you agree/disagree and include one quote and reference citation from an attached reading.

Statement 1:

The drinking age for Americans has been a hot topic for some time now. Currently, the legal age to purchase an alcoholic beverage is 21. Although to many this age seems feasible, I disagree. I think it should be revised to older. In my honest opinion 18 is way too young. The brain doesn’t not fully develop until age 25. If lowered, young adults can not make conscious decision while influenced. Majority of 18 years olds will just be exiting high school with little to no survival skills on how to accurately judge the limits of alcohol. I can see where lowering it would allow the step into adulthood. We would see less underage drinking I just don’t think it’s the best idea at this present moment.

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