discuss your evaluation (that is, your evaluation as the social worker) on what factors from the case example increase your concern for Mamie's safety. 


Read the case example of Mamie Salomon below.

After reading the case example, assume the role of Mamie’s social worker and use the mnemonic “Is Path Warm” to write an evaluation regarding the client’s (Mamie) suicide risk.

Write the evaluation in paragraph form (rather than as a list following the mnemonic) to discuss your evaluation (that is, your evaluation as the social worker) on what factors from the case example increase your concern for Mamie’s safety.

I expect one-and-a-half to two pages (double spaced; no less and no more) for this assignment.  You should be informed not only by the mnemonic (“Is Path Warm”), but also by Gray’s other discussion on suicide risk (pp. 150-154).

Mamie Salomon is a 23-year-old divorced mother of one child (Sachie Ann, 6-years-old) who was brought in by her maternal aunt (Beatrice).  Beatrice expressed to you her concern that “my niece, Mamie, has got the family sickness; I don’t want her to die”).  The Beatrice stated that Mamie was born in Haiti, but has been in the United States since the age of five, following “the nasty divorce” of her parents.

Mamie, then, explained to you that her father was an American citizen, and her mother was citizen of Haiti. She told you that her father took full custody of her after her mother became “desperately sad – so sad she could no longer walk or talk or care about me; I lost my mother forever when the great sadness fell on her, and now it has fallen on me. Maybe the great sadness will take me like it took my mother.  Maybe that will be okay with me; then, I can go to be with my mother forever in Heaven.”

Mamie further reported that since her divorce three months ago, “the great sadness fell upon me, and I don’t care about living anymore; not even Sachie Ann can make me want to live. I am my mother’s child.  I am like her and I will end up like her.  Don’t you understand what I am telling you? There is nothing you can do for me that will help me. Nothing.”

Further inquiry revealed that, in the last two weeks, Mamie had withdrawn from other members of the family. Mamie said to you: “I gave Sachie Ann to my Aunt Beatrice who will make a good mother for my little girl. I want everybody to leave me alone now. I know what I must do”.

The aunt stated that Mamie had been extremely anxious and afraid of the dark after the divorce from her husband of five years. “After the anxiety came the terrible sadness. My niece has given away everything that is precious to her – even little Satchie Ann.  I am terribly worried about her. I hear social workers can help people who are in trouble.  Can you help my Mamie, please?”

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