discuss your experience in the self-help simulation this week.

Journal on group simulation

In 450-500 words, discuss your experience in the self-help simulation this week. If you facilitated this week, discuss what you liked, disliked, learned, and felt. If you were a group member, discuss what it was like trying to change your identified behavior. Include any internal struggles with changing your behavior. Also discuss what you liked, disliked, or learned from the facilitator’s approach. You do not need to use APA style, but I will score on grammar and mechanics

I am the facilitator during this power point. We met to discuss the power point and who was going to do what. We also research for the presentation and got information. A lot of communication went on for this power point and as a team communication plays a big part with our team because we all work and have different schedules and some of us are married meaning that we can only meet during certain hours. We did our first group meeting at UOP and also through text and emails.

We talked about the high and lows that a person goes through, although that seems funny the high from cocaine is an all time high but the low is in fact so low it can deteriorate your life and kill you. What stood out to me is how common this drug is used and it come to no surprise because I’m aware of what it does to the user and also how it destroys families, but the negatives do not seem to out weigh the positives with this drug. During our meeting we talked about how famous people such as Tim Allen, Whitney Houston, Thomas Edison, Chris Farley, Len Bias and the list goes on all had deaths relating to cocaine use. Not only were they effected but also their family and we saw Whitney’s daughter fall in the same footsteps of her mother and even died of a drug overdose. Cocaine use is also more common and how its portrayed in movies, to music, and how frequently you see celebrities busted with it I feel it is becoming almost socially acceptable and this is a problem.

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