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   1:   Discrimination against a racial or ethnic group becomes a larger problem when practiced by an institution—especially a 

governmental one. Do you think institutional discrimination is common? What do you think it looks like? 


2:I do believe that institutional discrimination is still common in the 20th century. Although the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission law has been passed and been in effect for many years, companies are still discriminating against different races. Institutional discrimination can start with the recruitment process. In jobs interviews for positions or promotions, the discrimination results occur when the companies only have to hire a certain amount of minorities. After they have met that quota, do they give minorities the same fighting chance? It necessarily doesn’t have to look a certain way, picking the new hires are all done behind closed doors. We can never seem to understand how common this discrimination is practiced until the statistics are shown.


3:I do believe that Institutional Discrimination is very common still till this day. There was a law passed that had prohibited them employers from being discriminated against when applying for jobs, but that does not stop other people from doing things behind closed doors. However when applying for jobs no matter what kind it is , most times people are picked between the younger and newer generations. When this is being done, I believe this is called discriminations because people are being picked out from their age, race and the generation that they come from. Do I think this is fair? No it’s not fair at all. 


4: In todays modern enterprise information is used in many ways. For example data that is collected can be used to generate reports. One report that retail stores use regularly is a sales report to see if they are on track for sales during the day, month, or year. They can also use the information to set future goals that they would like to reach.


Some places use data collected for demographic information to see which demographic of the community is using their services and where there is a chance to reach out.


Data can also be used for inventory purposes. Who wants to count inventory on a regular basis? If you use an IS you can enter the inventory and then the system can subtract it when the inventory is used. To do this you would need to have a real-time system that makes the adjustments as you do.


Information being used affects the IS system in a couple different ways. The IS system has to be upgradeable to keep up with the growth of the company, it has to be mold able/flexible so that those using it can manipulate it to capture the information that they are looking for. The IS system needs to be created with specifics in mind but have room to change as the changes are needed



5:How is information used in the modern enterprise? How does this use affect IT systems?



6:   What are the ethical implications of IT system use? Locate an ethical situation you are familiar with or that you have heard about on the news. How could you apply the ethical standards of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers or the Association for Computing Machinery?



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