Do Children's Toys Influence Their Career Choices? A


Review the following articles regarding early-school-age play and how play during this stage of the lifespan can influence an individual’s future career choices.

Do Children’s Toys Influence Their Career Choices?
Argos Unveils Top Toy Predictions for Christmas 2013
Do Children’s Toys Influence Their Career Choices?

After reading the article, address how play can influence an individual’s career later in life. Refer back to your own childhood play. Did it influence your career path? If so, how?

Post a null hypothesis that would use a t test statistical analysis.. Use the same hypothetical situation taken in the t test hypothesis, and turn it into a null hypothesis using a one-way ANOVA analysis and a two-way ANOVA.

*Remember that a hypothesis is just a sentence…you should have one sentence for each test OR you may choose to write each in the form of a research question- either way is fine with me. You DO NOT need to include any numbers or calculations in your post

Explore how your personal values can influence your interactions with clients and/or the population-at-large.

1-1/5 pages

APA format

double space 12 format time new roman

Lamika Williams

National Louis University

Journal 1

HSM 304

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