do you feel law enforcement organization adequate area which it serves explain

1st Part

Deliverable Length: 2-4 paragraphs

The adversarial system of justice used throughout the United States is designed to pit the accuser against the accused through the experience, training, and talents of the attorneys. Although every criminal defendant who may face a jail sentence is entitled to the effective assistance of counsel and to a trial by jury, there are inherent inequalities in the ability of the poor and the rich to defend against the power and resources of a government prosecutor’s office.


Identify advantages (40%) and disadvantages (40%) inherent within an adversarial system of justice that allow the powerful to be pitted against the weak, the experienced against the inexperienced, and the rich against the poor.


Please provide APA citation and references (where applicable)


2nd Part

Deliverable Length: 2-3 paragraphs


There are both large and small local departments serving the U.S. public throughout the nation. The manner in which these departments serve their community has a lot to do with the size of the local population, area of responsibility, and amount of officers that have the responsibility to serve that community. For this assignment, you are to take a local police (could be yours or any other local agency in the country) department or sheriff’s department and respond to the following:

  • Discuss the city or county for the department that you have selected (population, demographics, economics, known industries).
  • Discuss the police department (size, demographics of officers, technology available).
  • Define the different type of services or functions that the department provides for its community.
  • Do you feel that the law enforcement organization is adequate for the area which it serves?  Explain.

Please provide APA citation and references (where applicable)



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