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1.If you were a health care administrator, how would you educate staff on HIPAA regulations?  Would you have in person training sessions?  Online mandatory education?  Would you test staff with a question/answer and require that they pass?  Other ideas?


2.In health care, there are many benefits to having a diverse workforce.  What do you think some of those benefits are and why are they beneficial?


3.-What is “defensive medicine”?  Is this an actual crime?  Why or why not?


4.-If you were a health care administrator, would you ensure that a non-retaliation policy is in place to protect employees?  Why or why not?


5.-If you were a health care administrator, how would you monitor employee satisfaction and attempt to identify any areas where management might be mistreating employees?  Would you survey employees?  Would you interview employees?  Offer anonymous ways to report unethical or unfair treatment?  Other ideas?

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