Draft Description of Procedure


Draft Description of Procedure

For this post, please describe how you will collect data, the instruments used to collect the data and how the collected data will be prepared for interpretation and analysis.

  • Write your research question at the top of the post.
  • Use the research question to identify the procedure:
    1. Introduce your procedure section of the methodology by providing a rationale for the chosen data-collection strategy.
    2. Be sure that your data-collection strategy aligns with your research question, recruitment strategy, and choice of participants.
    3. Describe how data will be collected.
    4. Describe who will be collecting data.
    5. Describe where data collection will take place.
    6. Describe how long data collection will take. Will it take place one time or over a series of meetings? Will the time spent collecting data be the same or different for all participants? Will there be different time frames for various participant groups or are all participants engaged in the same data collection procedures?
    7. If testing an intervention, describe the planning and the nature of the intervention. Describe where, how long, and who is engaged in the intervention.
    8. If you are interviewing participants, describe how you will record the interviews and how you will transform recordings into transcripts or actual data.
    9. If you are observing instances of specific behaviors, describe how they will be recorded and who will record them.
    10. Include examples of your data-collection instrument. Instruments can be surveys, recording sheets, checklists, surveys, records, questionnaires, interview guides, or lists of open-ended interview questions. Explain how your instrument aligns with your research question.

Note: As you prepare this post, be sure to recognize the limitations of your study. Try to anticipate the questions a reader will have and identify problems to be researched next to extend your findings into new areas.

Additional Requirements

  • Font: New Times Roman, 12 point, double spaced.
  • APA: Use current edition APA format and style.
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