due 4 hours 1467147 2

100 words each, original, I will provide the textbook material


  1. Utilizing the Chapter terms and concepts where appropriate (listed on p240) answer the 4 questions in the “Reviewing Agreement in Traditional and E-Contracts” section on the bottom of p239. (20 pts)
  2. With regard to the case of Lucy v. Zehmer  (pp 223-224), explain why this case is here, in this chapter.  In other words, what point(s) or concept(s) did the textbook’s authors want you take from it? (10 pts)
  3. Give the same type of explanation for the case of Basis Technology Corp. v. Amazon.com, Inc. (pp 226-227). (10 pts)
  4. Give the same type of explanation for the case of Alexander v. Lafayette Crime Stoppers, Inc. (pp 228-229). (10 pts)
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