due sunday 7

Summarize the steps to writing a grant proposal for the scenario you chose from Appendix B:


IMPORTANT NOTE: THERE ARE TWO PARTS TO THIS ASSIGNMENT: You should devote approximately 80% of your paper to Part 1, and 20% to Part 2:


PART 1: (Approximately 80% of your assignment)


·       Outline the grant proposal writing process from beginning to end.


  • Address how you would complete all the components (sections) in a grant proposal, using the list of components found in Chapter 3, page 19 of our text from Week 2 readings.


  • Note: You do not have to actually complete all these sections as you would in a grant application – just state how you would complete them if you were writing an actual grant application.


  • Below are the sections that must be included in your paper.



  • Abstract
  • Table of contents
  • Specific aims/background and significance/needs and problem statement
  • Target populations
  • Approaches and methods
  • Long- and short-term goals
  • Process, outcome, and impact objectives
  • Activity plans and scheduling (timeline)
  • Evaluation plan
  • Agency capacity and project management
  • Budget and budget justifications


PART 2: (Approximately 20% of your assignment)


·       Create a needs and problem statement for the scenario.


  • Write an actual Needs and Problem Statement for your selected scenario from Appendix B.


  • Please note: You must complete this section as you would in an actual grant proposal.


Ensure the entire summary (paper) consists of 1,050 to 1,700 words and is in paragraph form.


Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines

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