EDDL626 Concordia Aligning Instructional Practices with Curricular Practices Paper

Aligning Instructional Practices with Curricular Practices (Group Discussion)

During Weeks 1 and 2 you identified what was alternative education, you thought about what your new innovative alternative education school or program will look like, and you solicited the assistance from peers within this cohort. This week you will establish the type of curricular design needed to establish strong instructional practices for teaching and learning. Now that you have decided to create a new innovative alternative education school or program, how will learners learn in the educational setting?

After reading chapter 7, list the important instructional practices you think are most valuable in the newly designed school or program you and your group are creating. You are to recreate the table below, but add your own programs, research, and outcomes to the table. The instructional practices column, however, will not change. In the peer response phase of this discussion, you and your group members will read and decide which resource(s) fit the new innovative alternative education school or program that is being created and designed by the group.

Note: For best results, create a similar table in Word and copy/paste it into the Discussion Board.

Table 1. Example of Instructional Practices Matrix

Instructional Practices




Student Placement

School within a school model

Sarah Dewees

Students are grouped according to track of continuum for learning

Classroom Management


Sugai, Horner, Lewis

Positive Discipline

Teaching and Learning

Success Maker
*used only as an example; there are many others

Pearson Learning

Small group through computer based instruction

Student Evaluation

Measures of Academic Progress

Northwest Evaluation Association- NWEA

Measures student growth on a norm scale-formative assessment; percentile based

Support your statements with evidence from the Required Studies, other research, and experiences. Cite and reference your sources in APA style.

Click here for information on course rubrics.

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