edu 620 wk 1 db 2

Computers have had a profound impact on the classroom and education.  They have made research quicker and more accessible, made teaching reading fun while providing immediate results-based feedback, and provided students the opportunity to see parts of the world they may never have had the opportunity to experience.  However, there are also less familiar devices (both high-tech and low-tech) that can be used to enhance learning, specifically for students with disabilities. 

Visit YouTube and search for an assistive technology device that you can see using in your current or future classroom.  You can use search terms such as “Assistive Technology in the Classroom,” “Assistive Technology and Children with Disabilities,” or “Assistive Technology and ADHD/LD/Autism.”

Choose a video that demonstrates how the assistive technology could be used in the classroom (be sure to include the link).  Explain the teacher’s role in implementing this device, and how it promotes access to learning for the student.



1.5 of in length 

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