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Major Paper #2–The Personal Narrative Essay


A narrative is simply a story.  A personal narrative is a true story, focusing largely on the writer’s own life.

For Essay #2, the Personal Narrative, you will be writing a short essay (at least 3-4 pages in length) about a significant event in your own life.  This event need not –and probably should not–be inherently, overly dramatic.  Sometimes the most influential moments in our lives are smaller moments, events that we may not recognize as influential until years after the experience.  In the personal narrative essay, you will want to tell the story as accurately as you can—search your deep memory—and tell the story from your own perspective.  You will also want to exercise your selectivity as a writer, choosing to summarize background information/exposition, and really dramatize important scenes for the reader. 

During the course of this unit, you will want to read the examples of the Personal Narrative in Chapter 2.  You will want to start brainstorming ideas for your own personal narrative, and you will want to have selected a significant event that you wish to focus on in this essay.


Two Essays Required considering me and my friend. We are two different persons and you should take two different events each one for each.

The essay needs to be about 3 to 4 pages long and 100 percent free from plagiarism else will not be accepted. I need an A on the papers. So, if you can guarantee an A on this paper, Please sign up. Make sure u use the correct tone, the purpose should be clear and the transition in the essay should be good for scoring an A

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