english comp 3751852 2

Part 1

  • In 200 to 300 words, share at least one syllogism in support of your paper. Choose one idea from your paper and list the categorical syllogism along with its parts in the following format:
    • Premise 1 Claim and Evidence:                                                                                              
    • Premise 2 Claim and Evidence:                                                                                              
    • Conclusion Drawn from These Two Premises:                                                                       
  • End your post with any questions or concerns you have regarding logos, syllogisms, or fallacies.

Part 2

In 200 to 300 words, share your plagiarism and logic self-check experience. Describe your process and the items you uncovered during your review. In a few sentences, explain how you will correct the issues and ask questions if you need help or advice. You may also share some of your best quotes, paraphrases, and logical passages with the class. Be sure to explain why your chosen sections are “the best,” and how this process will influence your work in the future.


Part 3

With your rough draft, In 200 to 300 words, identify and explain the following:

Describe and explain your review process. How did you review your rough draft for logical fallacies, citation errors, and potential plagiarism (e.g., Turnitin)?


Discuss any specific questions you have regarding your essay structure

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