env 100 paper

Air and Water Pollution Paper-DUE FRIDAY 03/07/2014 NOON


Air and water pollutants exist in many forms. Understanding what they are and where they come from better equips you to address the issues of air and water pollution.


Select two types of air pollutants and two types of water pollutants.

Write a 950 words paper in which you analyze your selected pollutants and their effect on the environment. In your analysis, include the following items:


·        Indicate whether the selected air pollutants are considered primary or secondary pollutants. Explain why they are considered to be primary or secondary and discuss the sources of these pollutants.

·        Describe how the selected air pollutants affect the different layers of the atmosphere. In looking at this interaction, how do greenhouse gases influence Earth’s climate? Discuss how these air pollutants and greenhouse gases affect human, plant, and animal life.

·        Examine the selected water pollutants. Discuss the sources of these pollutants and indicate their effects on water resources and aquatic life.

·        Discuss the effect of poor water quality on humans and the environment. What are some solutions for reducing poor water quality?


Cite at least two references.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines

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