Evaluate the adequacy of the measures for testing the hypothesis (this may be difficult, but take a shot at it). 


A. Locate five journal articles, in the professional literature, directly related to your research topic.

After you locate information relative to your five journal articles, write the following information for each of the five articles you found. write these five references to me in APA Style. List the journal name, title of article, author(s), volume number, page numbers and publication date, for each article, in appropriate APA Style for references.

Pick at least one journal article reference from the five journal articles that has a full text article attached to it to do next step.

B. Read and content-analyze a professional research article. You are to pick one of the articles which you have found from your article search in STEP A and answer the following questions. You will need the full text of the article, it will not be possible to answer these questions from the reference and the abstract.

The questions:

1. Summarize the information contained in the abstract.

2. Write down the major purpose of the study.

3. Summarize the introduction (pay special attention to the topics presented, the
reference citations provided, and how reference citations are used).

4. List the hypothesis of the study.

5. Evaluate whether the hypotheses follow logically from the arguments presented in the introduction.

6. Briefly summarize the information contained in each of the subsections included under
the method section.

7. Evaluate whether there is sufficient information in each section to allow the study to be replicated. What is missing?

8. If your article is an experiment, list the variables manipulated by the researchers and the behaviors measured. If a correlational study is described, list the variables measured.

9. Evaluate the adequacy of the measures for testing the hypothesis (this may be difficult, but take a shot at it).

10. List the major findings of the study as reported in the results.

11. Show how statistics were used to determine the significance of the findings (what statistics were reported and how they were used).

12. Summarize and evaluate the information in the discussion. Did the author’s conclusions follow logically from the results reported (why or why not)? Were there alternative explanations offered for the results?

13. In conclusion, did the study adequately evaluate the hypothesis stated in the introduction? Why or why not?

NOTE: Each step in different file. (step A in a file alone and step B in another file alone)

Be sure to use appropriate APA style.

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