evaluation by the dean of students at the college before I could continue practicing for track and cross country.

Hi, my name is Julia Smith, and I am a freshman in college. I was referred for a health evaluation by the dean of students at the college before I could continue practicing for track and cross country. College life has me extremely stressed out. I am attending on a scholar-athlete scholarship, which requires that I maintain good grades and continue performing as a runner. Although academics has come easy for me in the past, college is more intense. I had to take finals, which reflected most of my grade and I’m not used to that. I just don’t want to get stressed out like that again, so I want to stay on top of it and study throughout the semester. I didn’t sleep much and was exhausted during that time. In order to make more time for studying, I had to stop hanging out so much with friends because I just don’t have time. Plus, when I would hang out with anybody they were always making comments about not eating enough. During the cross country season, my coach was disappointed in me because I was letting down the team. I had gained weight and was out of shape, which was affecting my running times. So, I had to change my eating habits and exercise a bit more. I’m only down to 103 pounds. I don’t want to get chubby again, like I have been for most of my life. I was able to run my best times ever, but I know that I can still improve. I just want to be left alone so that I can concentrate on school and running. Besides, now that cross country ended, I still have to stay in shape. Since I’m not practicing with the team as much, I just cut back on eating while exercising on my own so that I could be in shape for track next semester. This seems to be working for me. I’m pleased as I’m running great and my diet is working for me. All of this is probably coming from my mom because I recently saw her and all she did was nag me about not eating enough and exercising too much. I told her I was fine and that I was doing the same thing everyone else on the team was doing. She then took it upon herself to call the dean of students at the college, my coach, and roommate. I thought she would be proud of me because I’ve been able to keep up with my grades, but I guess not. If you could give me a call back, I would appreciate it so that I can continue running for the college. My phone number is 678-9786. Thank you!

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