Feminist and Social Justice Theories


 Discussion: Feminist and Social Justice Theories

Feminist and social justice theories may not immediately come to mind when considering the profession of school counseling. Furthermore, feminist theory is often mistaken for an approach that is exclusive to women, and social justice theory to the conventions of social equality, when in fact, their principles are largely based on concepts that are consistent with counseling and applicable to all populations including strengths-based, holistic, client-centered, and advocacy.

A closer examination suggests that feminist and social justice theories seem applicable to the school setting. This is particularly true when working with oppressed or potentially marginalized student populations that face issues related to disabilities, sexual orientation, gender, socioeconomic status, or race/ethnicity, to name a few. Advocacy is rooted in feminist and social justice theory. The professional school counselor is positioned well to advocate for students who might otherwise experience oppression. This oppression negatively impacts the student’s school experience, thus preventing the ignition of his or her full potential.

For this week’s Discussion, you analyze the use of feminist and social justice theories in school counseling.

Post by Day 3 a description of your understanding of feminist and social justice theories. Then, explain how the use of feminist and social justice theories in school counseling might benefit a student. Provide a specific example and justify your response.

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