FILM1F94 UOPX Studies Historical Changes in Film Paper

Resources: Historical Changes in Film Paper Assignment Sheet; refer to Ch. 12 of Film Art: An Introduction and any previous week’s readings you think might help to aid in writing your paper.

Write a 525- to 700-word paper that examines historical changes in film.

Submit your completed paper. Make sure you have saved it as a Microsoft Word .doc or .docx file.

For part of your paper, discuss how early cinema was affected by the development of things like photography, sound, special effects, or other technologies, and how films changed in terms of style and narrative.

For another part of your paper, select one of the following alternative film movements to American cinema:

  • German Expressionism
  • French Impressionism and Surrealism
  • Soviet Montage
  • Italian Neorealism
  • The French New Wave
  • Hong Kong Cinema

Describe how you believe your selected alternative movement may have affected the film industry or development of film, maybe around the world or in the U.S. Be sure to discuss how it differed from cinema in the U.S.

Each “part” mentioned above does not have to meet a specific word count as long as the paper is a minimum of 525 words, and they do not need to be separated in the paper.

Include citations and references throughout your paper following APA format, and be sure to properly format and cite film titles and include a References page that includes all sources used and all films mentioned, properly formatted and containing information required for a References page (see Course Resources for reference).

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines (APA paper/essay format). Remember there is an APA paper sample/template under Course Resources you can use.

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